5 quick study tips from a premed student!

5 quick study tips from a premed student!

Study tips that you can start using today!

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By Katia Kovrizhkin

As a premed student studying biomedical engineering I often find myself drowning under piles and piles of to-do lists full of assignments, projects, and studying. Sometimes it just doesn’t seem manageable...but by following some simple self made rules, I’ve been able to develop an efficient and successful studying regimen. I want to share with you some helpful tips that have gotten me to the best student I can be.

5 study tips that you can start using today!

  1. Set your priorities - get the easy things out of the way first so you can focus on the bigger, harder tasks at hand. 
  1. Make a plan - if your test is due in two weeks, set a reminder to start studying in a week or so. A little studying each day goes a long way and psychologists have shown that cramming really doesn’t work. Same thing applies to writing a paper...if you commit to working on a little bit each day you won’t find yourself pulling all nighters often.
  1. Take a break - yes it’s true, our brains have a limit. Getting out of the library or your room to take a walk, go on a run, go to the gym, cook a meal or even talk with your friends can work wonders to clearing and recharging your mind and setting you up to return to your studies refreshed.  
  1. Ask for help - because even the smartest and most successful people do it. We’ve all gotten stuck before and the best way to tackle those kinds of situations is working with others who can give you the insight or extra push to get the answers you need.
  1. Stay disciplined - turn your phone off, even put it in the other room. Because the only thing between you and the paper sitting in front of you waiting to be written, is your aimless scrolling through social media. Build the will power to disconnect for a bit and set your focus on the task at hand.

Although these tips may seem simple, they have helped me be more productive and less stressed during hectic times. I hope they can also benefit you, as well! Of course, a Krios Coffee always helps too :)

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