Essentials Blend Coffee Pods (16Ct)
Essentials Blend Coffee Pods (16Ct)
Essentials Blend Coffee Pods (16Ct)
Essentials Blend Coffee Pods (16Ct)
Essentials Blend Coffee Pods (16Ct)
Essentials Blend Coffee Pods (16Ct)
Essentials Blend Coffee Pods (16Ct)

Essentials Blend Coffee Pods (16Ct)

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Sip. Energize. Do More. This deliciously smooth medium roast coffee is infused with carefully selected vitamins proven to energize and rejuvenate you throughout the day. Power your body and refresh your mind with every sip. You’ll know right away it’s more than just coffee!

Fuel Your Day

Packed With Naturally Energizing Vitamins

Vitamin deficiency affects 92% of Americans. It’s easy to forget to take your vitamins, but you never forget to drink your coffee. Why not make it easy on yourself? The deliciously smooth Essentials Blend is full of the essential vitamins you need for natural energy, overall health and well-being.

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Money Back guarantee

Feel the Difference or It's Free

We have taken pride in creating a coffee that is proven to work and taste good all at the same time. If you're not 100% satisfied, it's free!

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Cara S
Love the new kcups!

Loving that my favorite coffee is now available in kcups for my convenience. Thank you Krios for helping me start my day off right.

Richard Cresiski
Definitely adequate

Non-offensive cup of coffee.

Kristin Eberhart
Best coffee I have ever had!

Have never had "SMART" coffee, so I was excited to try. After drinking KRIOS ESSENTIALS brand, I will never go back to regular coffee. The taste is amazing, smooth, with incredible deep coffee flavor. What you do NOT get is the jitters and anxiety that can come from regular coffee. I am more focused, have more energy, and enjoy drinking every drop. What a great discovery! Nothing beats it!

James Coe

Good coffee.

Surprisingly good!

My son gave me a sample pack of Krios he received in an order of Tea from another vendor. I tried it and it was very smooth coffee so I ordered some. I drink at least 2 large mugs of coffee every day and the idea that I can get something more than anti-oxidants and a jolt of caffeine from my coffee was sort of an ‘aha’ moment for me. As it tasted good too, it is a double bonus!

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